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AL-Aman performance & information’s as of 31 December 2014

1 Total amount disbursed since inceptions   $ 62,714,367     
2 Number of loans disbursed since inceptions 25,437          
3 Value of outstanding portfolio $7,498,827      
4 Number of active clients 4134            
5 Women percentage %30            
6 Repayment rate %92            
7 Portfolio At Risk %7,9           
8 Total Assets $11,072,661      
9 Total liabilities $145,348        
10 Total Equity $10,927,312      
11 Operational Self Sustainability %305          


Charts of Al-Aman active clients

This chart refers to AL-Aman clients each year, it is very clear that the numbers of clients is down in 2013 this is because of AL-Aman stopped disbursed solidarity loans , but with the end of 2014 the number of clients is going to be increased .

Chart of Outstanding portfolio

This chart refer to expanding in AL-Aman outstanding portfolio, the value is decreased with the end of 2014 because of the bad security and economic situation in Iraq . 

Chart of AL-Aman Operational Self Sustainability

This chart refer to AL-Aman Operational Self Sustainability, setting good interesting rate, reducing expenses , best management helped AL-Aman to reach to this percentage