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AL-Aman performance & information’s as of 31 December 2017

1 Total amount disbursed since inceptions   $103,613,117     
2 Number of loans disbursed since inceptions 37,469          
3 Value of outstanding portfolio $10,514,794      
4 Number of active clients    5029              
5 Women percentage %23              
6 Repayment rate %97              
7 Portfolio At Risk %3,5             
8 Total Assets $15,071,993      
9 Total liabilities $653,816           
10 Total Equity $14,418,177      
11 Operational Self Sustainability %267            

 chart of Al-Aman active loans:

This chart refers to "AL-Aman" active loans each year, it can be noticed that the numbers of loans had been increased in 2017that because of AL-Aman corporation started to expands by adding a new products and expand the Operational processes in general  , we hope that the index continue to improve and spread in order to reach the largest number of people .

chart of Outstanding portfolio:

This chart refer to expanding in AL-Aman outstanding portfolio, it can be noticed that there is a great increment in the amount at the end of 2017 that’s clearly indicates the success of expanding plan in the corporation and the increasing in the efficiency of production of the employees.


chart refer to AL-Aman Operational Self Sustainability:

This chart refer to AL-Aman Operational Self Sustainability percentage, setting good interesting rate, reducing expenses , best management helped Iraqi AL-Aman center  to reach to this excellent percentage But the percentage began to decrease gradually year by year because of expanding in staff and increasing the operation processes .