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Our Goals
• Support small businesses and develop them by lending them small amounts for short periods of time, and motivate them to grow and expand.
• Focusing on small businesses that can create more job opportunities for jobless people, and enhance the living standard of the owners of these businesses.
• Prepare a database about small and medium businesses including all information about their work nature.
• Promote and stimulate women businesses through holding training courses and seminars in order to develop the capabilities of businesswomen and increase their competence and ability to establish small businesses.
• Afford all the required facilities and loans for women businesses.
• Stimulate and promote women businesses throughout the city of Kirkuk with the goal of increasing women-owned enterprises in the province.

Legal Status
•Al-Aman is an non-government organization (NGO) that will be registered with the Iraqi Civil Society Ministry. Upon the day of registration the organization shall be a legal person and shall carry out its activities in compliance with the applicable legislation of Iraq. The organization may independently manage its property with the right to own, use and dispose, acquire any rights and obligations, make transactions, sue and be sued before the court.
•The founders shall not be liable for the obligations of the organization and the organization shall not be liable for any obligations of the founders.

Iraqi Al-Aman Center was established in 2005 and started lending activity in 2006 from a single office in Kirkuk , Al-Aman Iraqi Center nowadays has two branches and one additional office also for financial service for citizens
the branches are:

  • Hawija Branch
  • Erbil branch
  • Daquq Office

In its four years of operations:
• bring capital and new donors to Iraq and expand operations.
• AL-Aman is the first institution has been able to establish an international partnership with Kiva , an institution caring for and working with microfinance institutions in the world.
• In 2007, the center received a certificate of Iraqi best local MFI in Iraq.
• In 2009, the organization has succeeded in obtaining membership in Sanabel (Microfinance Network of Arab Countries) .
• In 2009, the center received a certificate for the best Microfinance office in Iraq
• In 2010, Iraqi AL-Aman center Executive Director award a certificate for the best director of MFI in Iraq
• In 2012 the Foundation received the award for best MFI in Iraq in achieving the highest rates of operational and financial sustainability.
• In 2013, the institution received the honor from the Department of NGOs on the certificate fifty best institution in the field of the obligation to provide financial statements and communicate with the department.

  •  In 2014, Iraqi AL-Aman center got the Iraqi Microfinace Network Award (shield).